Monday, May 7, 2012

im in love...with the maxi

Last summer I bought a couple maxi dresses and absolutely lovvveed them! So, this summer, I'm buying more! I've already bought two for the season. You may have already seen the photos! These long flowy beauties are heaven and so comfy. How amazing?! They are perfect! 

Not only are they all the things I just said, but they cover my pale legs until I get some color-never will I know what it's like to have a "great natural tan." It's a job for me to get any kind of color.
{You lucky B*s who do get an easy tan!}
I just use the spray in desperate times for that, but all summer, I can cover up and look fab all at the same time. GENIUS. 

I hope they never go out of fashion, or you can best believe I'll be the one wearing them when they are long out of style. I'll be the girl stuck in 2020. {Like the women with hair from the 70's} No joke.

And for all you preggo mamas, it's perfect little cute dresses, and how easy & comfortable!? If I were preggo, I'd stock up! Well, I'm stocking up anyways!

MAXI love



  1. Very cute! I have yet to buy a maxi, but I think this is my season to succumb to the trend :)

  2. I only own one but need to buy more! The only thing is, I'm short so I have to be careful because they look big on me and I don't want people thinking I'm pregnant! lol

  3. You are lucky you're able to wear them lady...I'm not tall enough! They're all literally as tall as I am! :( Woes. But yes, I need to cover my pale legs too. Where is this pool you speak of (errr, tweet of? hehe)

  4. I love maxi dresses! I have yet to buy one, but I've been thinking about buying a couple for the summer :)

  5. I need some too! I may be investing in the same one you have :) Hope you don't mind. Copying is the biggest form of flattery, right?! Tehe

  6. I soooo love maxi dresses too! They are so comfortable & chic!!! That first one is so funky with the bright colors, I absolutely love it! :)

  7. I love a maxi dress too! I was real hesitant about them like 3 years ago when they came out because they were everywhere and super trendy, but they are still making them, and making them cuter than ever!