Thursday, February 2, 2012

i'm hormonal

For the past year and half or so I've been having some skin break outs {only in my chin area} 
You'd think at this age, this stuff would be over! We aren't in Bieber years anymore! 
But for me, it seems to be worse. 
It's like clockwork. During the same time every month, TO THE  EXACT DAY, that ovulation time, I breakout. 

I believe most of my issue is female/hormonal related, but due to a previous medical condition I cannot take Birth Control, which would help normalize my hormonal breakouts and issues :(

My issues:
a.Hormonal breakouts
c.redness and irritation

I've tried multiple different skin care lines and products to clear it up. I'm scared to know how much money I've spent on products, etc. I could have used that money much more wisely {wink, wink}

Nothing seemed to help so I finally went to a dermatologist. She prescribed a few different antibiotics, topical washes, and creams. They all have different effects and work...ehh...just alright...Currently I am still taking Doxycycline.
top left to right:  1 , Rx clenia foaming face wash, 3, Rx Retin-a Mricro 5, 6 7 Rx Duac gel

I've also been buying getting regular facials and other skin care treatments to help. I've had a few chemical peels as well, While the results are great, they are not helping with my main issue all that well.

One brand I am thinking about trying is the iS CLINICAL brand that Shasta recommends. There are a few products that seem great, just want to pick the best one for me!

 If anyone has any products they SWEAR by, I'd love to know about them!


  1. I may have a couple things for you to try. I'll email you since I have to look at the names tonight when I get home! I had those types of breakouts and then a few months before turning 30, I decided enough was enough! My dermatologist has been amazing in helping me out!

  2. I have the same thing, and to be honest, I don't think birth control is going to help much. I'm on it and my face is still breaking out, especailly around my chin too.. I'm almost ready to have a mental breakdown, Nothing i've tried has worked either.

  3. oh heavens you know i have the same problem too - its terrible!
    I took spironolactone once and it really helped and used a glycolic toner from Sephora but nothing really gets it, let me know what you find out - i'm going back to no dairy or bread/carbs again that really helped just hard for me to maintain.

  4. I use Boscia. I Use the facewash and the night charging moisturizer cream. And I bitch and moan every time I run out and have to rebuy it bec of how EXPENSIVE that line of skin care is. I will tell you after 2 years, I STILL continue to use the night moisturizer. It really is a great product that works. As far as break outs go, I scrub my face once a week with St. Ives Apricot scrub. Never more than that bec that's all your face needs!

  5. so you have used retina-a? I just started using it and it has made my skin worse so far...but supposedly it will clear up and helps with fine lines too. i've heard GREAT things about the iS Clinical and their active serum.

  6. girl I am dealing with the exact same thing and it is AW-FUL! I am more self-conscious of it now than ever before. I too am taking Doxycycline. While I think it's helping the bumps not be SO big and is possibly taking some of the redness away, I'm still getting breakouts. I was on birth control for years and it worked so well but I'm only 25 and had been on it for 10 years (yikes!) so I decided to get off of it about a year ago. I'll have to check back and see how your's is doing. Best of luck...I totally know how you feel.

  7. I used to have the same problem, even with BC, but I had an allergic reaction last year to Eucerin face wash (the kind for sensitive skin!!) and after that had to stop using pretty much everything I had been using bc the dermatologist and I "think" I am allergic to citric acid (that and dry skin do not mix well) I realized that even like the gentle Neutrogena and Aveeno stuff was hurting my skin. So now I only use facial products with basically nothing in them. No dyes, no chemicals, etc. Vanicream and CeraVe are the two lines I use and I swear by them. My face has maybe broken out once or twice since then. I have no idea how that correlates to the hormonal stuff, but my skin has never looked better after I stopped using products with a ton of stuff in them. Sorry for the super long comment, but I LOVE my skin products! Might be worth a shot :-) and the products aren't expensive!!

  8. I was having the same problem with really really annoying CHIN breakouts (at 21 years old, what the heck?) and my doctor prescribed clindamycin phosphate. I use it morning and night and it has worked WONDERS!! Maybe something to look into?

  9. I am exactly like you as far as skin issues go. This is what worked for me.. Neutrogena and Cerave face wash (I rotate) and my clarisonic (lifesaver!!) And I use epiduo gel for spot treatment. I try to keep my skin as clean as possible. And I try to keep my stress levels down.. I know its difficult to find the right mix of products.. and I spent a ton of $$ trying to find just that. But what worked best for me was going back to the basics. Clean skin and basic drug store face wash. Hope this helps!


  10. I like skin ceuticals. It works pretty well except when aunt flow comes to town and then I look like a 15 yer old girl. What dermatologist did you go to in lex? I am in the market.