Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Vow

The other day I saw on the Today Show an interview with the real couple that the book and the movie "The Vow" is based on. It is so neat to see the real couple behind the story. I've wanted to read the book for a while, and of course I want to see the movie!

The interview is a little over 8 minutes, but at the 4:30 minute mark, Kim the husband, explains why he stayed with his wife through the tough times and didn't walk away. In our society today most people wouldn't keep the commitment he did when their spouse didn't remember who they were. He shows the ultimate meaning of a vow.

It was a moving interview and one of those {in real life} love stories that I'm waiting on that I was talking about in my post from the yesterday!


  1. this was so sweet! made me cry.

  2. I read the book last year and loooved them and realized that this was A REAL LIFE MAN and a REAL LIFE COUPLE, not just a fictional character in a Nicholas Sparks book! He's out there, there just needs to be 2 of them, ONE for you and ONE for me, I am not down with Pologamy....I mean, I love you to pieces and all, but not sharing.