Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reliving the Glory Days

Oh to be in college again! 
This is the biggest event on campus. All of the Greek houses have an event to raise money for their philanthropy and this is Chi-Omega's event for Make-A-Wish Foundation. It has turned into a huge event that every house on campus looks forward to every year! The venue where it takes place is a packed house; sold out show-no sitting or standing room! And the Greek community begins to prepare their show MONTHS in advance.

As a Tri-Delta Alum, I couldn't be more proud of these girls! They put so much effort into the choreography and practices, costumes, and props. 

The theme is "Deltas on Broadway"

This is the 3rd year in a row my sorority has won overall! 
Congrats DDD's!


  1. Awesome!!!! I'm a Chi-o! So great to see this! Hats off to DDD great job :)

  2. How fun! And I totally wish I could live my college days over. I had no responsibilities. It was awesome :)

  3. ah I miss living in Delta World sometimes, greek sing and the tv room :) makes me smile - so proud of our DDD's!

  4. Oh my word they were amazing!! My best friend's cousin is a DDD and I saw something about this on her FB page but I had no idea! I was a DDD at CofC and we were not this talented!