Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's a ROYGBIV kinda wardrobe!

I was very excited when I got the J.Crew spring look-book in the mail a couple days ago along with a little gifty card {yes, very little, but hey, every dolla counts!}
I LOVE the colorful pieces and mixy-matchy going on!

I know you've seen the previews for the BRIGHT season ahead, but I just couldn't contain myself. 


I WANT so many colored cropped pants!

My top 3 favorite colors would be the light pink/coral, yellow, and teal! 
What's your favorite pant color? 


  1. My favorite color pants would be either purple, hot pink, turquoise or some shade of green - I love colorful clothes!! And the board ^above is gorgeous - reminds us of spring!! :) Love your blog<3

    ~Rachel <3

  2. Oh don't! I am going crazy over coloured jeans and chinos at the moment I am kind of worried I will go nuts buying them in all sorts of shades - I've got red and emerald but really want tangerine, royal blue and pale pink. I am finding te problem to be the shoes to match them with!!

  3. I want some colored skinnies too! It's on a list in my cell phone of things I need to be looking for. I need to check the ones out at J Crew, let me know if you find some good ones anywhere else. I am on the hunt for coral, navy, and pastels! and to the girl's comment above this, Jack Rogers!! They go with everything!

  4. Just found your blog and am following now! Its adorable!

    Loving the colored skinny crop trend this year! I just ordered a couple pairs from VS - they have some great pants out this year - in skinny pants and crops. Also agree with the Jack Rogers comment above (or Stephen Bonannos, which hold up longer.) xo Life with Elizabeth

  5. Jcrews catalogue is so so gorgeous for spring! I have some pale pink j brand jeans and i just ordered a pair of mint green =)