Thursday, February 23, 2012

the troubles of a shopper...

When I got my JCrew catalog in the mail a few weeks ago I quickly flipped through it and saw a super cute outfit that would be perfect for spring!

I have many events on the showers, bridal showers, and of course...

You already know how big the racing is here, and how us ladies need to dress the part!

Only a short 5 1/2 weeks until opening weekend! EEEKK!!
{us KY girls love our horsies and bourbon drinking days!}

Here is the outfit I love...

I love the leopard print belt. I think that's why I'm so obsessed! 
So many textures and prints that mix well!
The skirt has so many different colors in it, so I can get any color top too!

Last night while at work I was browsing the JCrew website and saw my skirt and was hesitant to order it only because I wanted to get home and double check the size of a skirt and a swim suit I own so I knew I was ordering the correct sizes. {I don't trust the size charts}
JCrew was having a 20% off sale and I had a gift card to use!

When i got home and excitedly went to the website, I was only letdown when my size was gone! 

I called the store and luckily they had the skirt, but no luck with the discount :( 

i know, poor me...
Oh, the troubles of a shopper...


  1. Shopping is hard work with all the stress & decisions ;) I want to move to KY so I can go to the races, we have derby parties in NC & dress like we are fun!!

  2. Hey there! I am from KY as well and just recently posted about Keeneland! I am slightly obsessed with racing and can't wait for April 9! I agree, it is one of the BEST things about KY. So neat to find your blog, new reader : )


  3. Cute outfit!!! Perfect for Spring!

  4. I never trust the size charts either.. they're always SO off! And don't you hate when you they're out of your size.. oh well money saved I guess haha!