Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where are you Cupid?!

I love love. I like to think of myself of a romantic and love everything about a great love story. I love to watch others get engaged and plan their weddings. I love to hear the stories behind a 50+ year marriage. I cry at sappy movies and actually think stories like that happen in real life. 

I'm just waiting for God, and since today is Vday, Cupid to shoot his arrow on my one true love! 

Since the beginning of the year I have gone on 3 dates, with 3 different guys.

Yes, you read correctly. That's 3 dates, 3 different guys in the last 6 weeks. :/

First guy: wet met randomly at a local restaurant/bar. We went out a couple more times, but that didn't last. FLAW: He was too much of a partier. He was a few years younger than me and asked me everyday where the fun places were to go out. Don't get me wrong, I like to go out, but I'm over the every night of the week scene. 
Second guy: We know each other through a mutual friend. He IS a great guy. Has a great job, SO funny, very nice, doesn't over text/annoy, etc. Couldn't say a bad thing about the guy. FLAW: He is about 3 inches shorter than me...when I'm wearing FLATS :/ 
I am 5'8'' and when I wear heels, it add 3-4 inches. 
I have had a {complex} against shorter guys since high school. I dated a guy for a brief time in HS that was shorter than me and I could never get over the height issue. 

Does that make me a bad person!? How do I get over this issue?! 

Third Guy: Met a bar a couple weekends ago. Took me to my favorite sushi place. We had a great time and laughed a lot. He jokes and gets my jokes, very easy going. Flaw: there have been a couple signs of disrespect {in my book}.

I will give any guy a chance. It's fun to go out and experience different people too. To get to know others, and what other people are about. On the other hand, I also know what I want and if there's nothing there, then there's no point in wasting time on a second date. We {He or I} aren't getting any younger!

At this point in my life I have gone on LOTS of dates. I know what I'm looking for and I guess he's not here yet. While there have been fun and ok/good dates, nothing has been AMAZING and I don't want to settle. 
I want to be wowed and over the moon! 
I want the sappy movie that I believe exists in real life.

C'mom cupid, strike my man!

I want to go on over-priced Valentine's dinner dates! :) 


  1. I also have a serious issue with height! I got asked out by a guy who was only about an inch taller than me and I just couldn't go through with the date because I wanted to wear heels (like I do every fri and sat) but I didn't wanna make him feel small! Haha I feel ya girl. No shame there we tall women need even taller men!!

  2. I understand the height thing. Completely. I mean, I've declined a second date based on the type of car a guy drove. Yeah, that makes me pretty shallow. No shock that I'm still single. :)

    I definitely related to this post. 100%. Back in October, I went on dates with 3 different guys. They were all a bust. Since then I have had zero bites on my line. Sigh. Dating is hard. :/

  3. Perfectly reasonable expectations! You are not alone with the height issue, either! I am 5'11, so is my husband. I refused to wear heels on my wedding day because I have a complex about being taller than him!

    Don't settle, girl! He's out there - you are going to have an AWESOME story looking back on all this :)

  4. If you've had 3 dates this year and the year only started 1.5 months ago.. you are off to a good start! and I feel your pain... I am a firm believer of not forcing it. If I know it ain't there, why push it!

  5. We talk about this, what- like every other day? God has a plan. God has a plan. God has a plan. We just need to be patient {easier said than done, sissybelle} Keep laughing/exchanging out horrible dating stories to one another {that, we can do} and keep. on. dating {hey, it's a free meal - which is how I've come to look at it} It's going to happen, let's make 2012 OUR year!!!!! xoxo

  6. do not settle girlfriend.
    remember it happens when you LEAST expect it. don't go out everytime thinking what about him, what about him, you will never find him that way. let it happen!!
    good luck!!

  7. Be patient, he's out there waiting to knock your socks off. He will come into your life when the time is right, I promise! Enjoy your friends & family now and do all the things in life that you can control that make you happy!

  8. I could not date a guy shorter than me either. Not being mean (trying not too anyway haha)!! When I was dating they had to be taller than me and HAD to have good teeth, that was a must. You will find a great guy, come to NC & I will hook you up ;)!!

  9. Do not settle! :) It is a-okay to have your expectations and they are not unreasonable.

  10. I hate that I can totally relate to this post. Hang in there and never settle. My married friends are so quick to call me picky or tell me that my expectations are unreasonable and don't know how broken it makes me feel. You are a gorgeous girl and will find your perfect and equal man soon...and here's to hoping I do to :)

  11. I agree about the height thing! I'm 5'10 and prefer guys over 6'0. It's not just for me though, I've had shorter guys tell me they feel uncomfortable around me...that I make them feel inferior...or they're intimidated. They even make me feel bad for wearing heels!
    Best of luck, I'm in the same boat! :)

  12. I could have totally written this post a few months ago! You described me and my thoughts to a T. When I wasn't expecting it, I met my guy. I literally went out with a friend and her bf along w his friend in town. I had no expectations and some how things just fell into place. They will for you too.

  13. aw, you're so open! i love your blog, newest follower. i have an affinity towards tall guys too, but it's a little easier for me because i am 5'3". I don't think it's shallow, but if you're really having a connection with the guy, then go out again! maybe height doesn't have to be the dealbreaker! :) good luck!!