Monday, August 22, 2011

"A 4 hour tour...A 4 hour tour..."

This past weekend I went to visit a sorority sister and friend, Katherine, I met in college who lives in Indianapolis. I had never been to visit her, so I thought, why not?! Perfect time! She has recently ended a relationship and has been livin' it up, and so I went to LIVE IT UP with her! That's single girls need to cherish this time together!

Katherine planned a dinner with a few other friend's of hers in Indy at a restaurant called Sensu. It's an Asian fusion-type restaurant that was participating in something called Devour Downtown. Apparently it's just a way Indy showcases different restaurants with a 3-4 course pre-fix menu at a discounted price. It's a fabulous deal, I must say! Great way to bring in new business!

So, let's discuss our dinner {cue Gilligan's Island theme song tune}:

"Just sit right back 
and you'll hear a tale, 
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this res-tau-rant 
At the Sensu."
{ok, not that great, and I'm 2 syllables short, but I'm not that creative at 11 AM after work-just go with it}

There were 9 of us for our reservation at 8:00pm. We were there at 8:00pm sharp! Soon after we were seated, a table next to us with 8-10 people were seated as well. And up the stairs next to us a table of 10-12 were seated shortly after as well. All 3 of these tables had the same server...OURS! with NO HELP! Poor planning on the restaurants part. The poor girl had no help bringing new rounds of drinks, bringing out each course of food...and there were 4 courses for 9 people! {for our table...+ 3 tables.} We waited at least 20-30 minutes in between each round of drink/food. Towards the end of our meal two of the guys at our table were a little..let's say...per-turbed. So, they talked to a manager. He agreed with us that is was not our server's fault {She was great and tried her best} and we were amazed by the food! He graciously took off $10 and a drink from each of our bills! Hopefully they learned from our experience and gave their severs more help!

In the meantime...
"For a four hour tour...for a four hour tour..."
drink numero uno

A Katherine story...

A Katherine story...

Drink numero...?

Silly face, Katherine demanding course #3?

This is what happens when you are there for 4 hours...

That's right, we were there for 4 hours. 

"A four hour tour...A four hour tour..."

By the end of the night strangers were best friends!

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  1. So I want to hear about the guys you're sitting by at the table. You left that part out of your story.