Monday, August 1, 2011

My Summer in photos

I've finally had a moment to get to bloggin! So here's a catch-up on my summer so far in pictures! Enjoy!

Thursday Night Live. Friends from freshman year of college! Wow....8 years ago!

Work Picnic! 3 nurses and a Dr. 

Dr. Hessel-host of the picnic on his farm. He is the greatest Doctor ever!

Jr. League Horse Show Gala
Brit and I

Horse Show Gala. Silly Faces.


The Navi system took us on a little detour...

Spotted: I'm wearing a Romper!
Carnavale. Amazing restaurant. The grid on the wall had a bottle of wine in each block.  So neat. 

Colossal dessert! It came in 3 different plates/bowels. And yes, all 5 of us finished it!

2nd City Improv Show. HI-LAR-IOUS.

Water taxi to Michigan Ave. Kinda cool that day.

Oh, and we were on Chicago news!!! Long explanation...but here's Morganne and Jenna  on TV! They are famous now!

We bought the same sunnies! Like!?

Old School score board. So cool.
This particular game: Cubs were up 1-0 until last inning. Then the Florida Marlins won 6-2. Sad for the Cubs, but great experience in Wrigley Field.
Surprise Baby shower for baby #2! 
Her hubs HATES glitter/sparkles and won't go near it. So, I made this as a little cute joke gift. But, how cute is it!? I love it, and I think I'm going to start making all my prego friends one!
And it wouldn't be a trip to Chi-town without authentic pizza...
 I just love Chicago!

summer concert:

I hope you all are enjoying your summer and living it UP! I can't believe it is already August 1! Wow, time sure does fly when you're having fun! 


  1. Loving all your chambray, especially that top dress! I have a chambray dress and I love it!!

  2. Great pictures, you are adorable!

  3. Sounds like you've been having an awesome summer!

  4. Damn girl! You have been busy this summer! But I am jealous of all the fun activities, and I love the frame that you made. Do you think 23 is too old to have one in my room?