Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've become a bargain shopper...

and my mom would be so proud! In my family my mom is the "Penny Pincher." I have never been able to save a dime to my name {Does it count if I want to and if I think about it!?} I can go to Target for 1 thing and end up spending a fortune! 

In the past couple of weeks I have saved* a ton of money and been a great bargain shopper! 

Exhibit A
30% off
 Exhibit B:
Shoes were 30% on sale, then I got an extra 20% off.
Grand total of 44% off original cost!

Exhibit C & D
Last week I bought:

  • 1 facial for 50% off original cost 
  • 1 chemical peel + facial for 75% off original cost
  • 5 laser hair removal treatments for 75% off original cost
Previous Groupon purchases:
  • 2 for 1 spray tans for $15
  • 1 microdermabrasion 50% off original cost
  • 1 chemical peel 50% off original cost
  • 3 laser hair treatments for 67% off original cost
I will probably NEVER again pay full price for spa treatments! They are offered through Groupon and LivingSocial so frequently! With my skin problems as of late, I want to have a treatment every other month to keep my skin under control! And this is the only way to go...discounted!

See Mom, you have taught me an important lesson in life: always look for a good deal and how to become a bargain shopper! {just don't look at my bank account!}

Have you found any good deals lately?!


  1. This is my problem too. I love to buy "things" on the regular and not save any money, though I've become pretty good at only buying sale items.
    How cute are those Tory's! I almost bought the same pair once I saw the awesome sale but decided against it at the last minute. You know I'm a sucker for animal print anything. I loooooooove it!!!

  2. Great purchases! I over did it at first with Groupon because everything was too good to pass up! I've since pulled back the reigns and just buy things I know I will use or that are to places I frequent. My dogs are getting groomed today thanks to Living Social. :)

  3. I am the same way! I figure the moneys there to spend riiiight? And I can NEVER leave target spending less than $50... it's bad!

  4. I love, love, love Living Social and Groupon. Why did we not have this sooner?

  5. I love, love, love Living Social and Groupon. Why did we not have this sooner?

  6. I am so jealous of all your deals, Lauren!