Thursday, August 25, 2011

the miracle twins!

My friend Laura and her husband finally had their TWINS 9 weeks ago today! I let all the hype settle down, and finally had the chance to go visit and they were THE most precious miracle babies I've ever held! If you remember from this Mother's Day post, I interviewed Laura about their troubles with getting pregnant and having to resort to alternate methods. These babies are truly answers from many prayers, gifts from God.

So yesterday, I visited these two love-bugs. Aren't they just adorable!?

Hi, My name is Leighton, or Miss Sweetness. My mom calls me Ladybug, too.

Here I am being fed a bottle. I was a hungry girl! Afterwards, I burped, spit-up, and went STRAIGHT to sleep!

 Momma and her girl!

 Hi, My name is Brooks, or Mr. Sweetness: today I accidentally PEED on Lauren. {Not so sweet!} Oops! 

Yes, I was holding little P man and I felt well...warm, and I looked down and my stomach was wet! Haha. The wee-wee had leaked out of the side of P man's diaper and one-sie onto me! Oh well, it big deal! 

I'm a flirt! Love me yet? :)

their new little family of four!

I was totally impressed by how well Laura had things under control. She's a natural. Taking care of two newborns alone for a few hours at a time is a breeze for her! God made her to do this! She and her hubs are going to be the best parents! I can only hope I will one day be as prepared as they are! 

...AND her clean!


  1. OMG adorable babies! I'm a sucker for babies though :)

  2. Uhmm that girl did NOT just have twins. Where's the real mom. She is TEENY TINY! Where did she carry them? And I love your top! hehe Pretty prettty. Sometimes it makes me wonder - for those who have trouble conceiving - and God knows this of course and knows they must go on fertility drugs, if he gives them 2 because I know another couple that went throught this and had twinnies too!!

  3. They are adorable! And how perfect? A boy and a girl :)

    So sweet!

  4. I love these babies!!!! how precious are they?? I could eat them up. I haven't seen them yet in person, sad face. BUT I did make a bunch of Miss Leighton's bows!!

  5. How sweet! My 2 year old niece (I have 3 nieces) is named Lleyton and we call her ladybug as well. They even gave her ladybug as her name sign as school this year ha!

  6. OOOOHHH MY GOODNESS! You were totally right they are just so precious! Love their sweet faces.

  7. They are adorable! That is so funny that he peed on you I'm always so worried about blow out diapers when I hold babies :)

  8. awww sweet babies!! they are beautiful!

  9. They are adorable!!! And I love your top.