Monday, August 1, 2011

Man Candy Monday

I'm not alone in my love for Ryan. And I saw his new movie Crazy Stupid Love over the weekend. I thought it was good. What I hate about movies is how they make it seem 100% possible to find the love of your life as a hook up in a bar, or that Prince Charming is coming riding in on a white horse. And I'm the girl who walks out of movies believing it's possible (I'll never stop believing it will happen to me that way!) . Thank you movies...! But back to topic at hand...He's just perfect. Perfect eyes and I love the way he talks. Ahhh...

And remember when he dated the lovely Rachel McAdams...well, luckily that's over! J/K I really love R.M and liked them together!

My boyfriend Ryan is is a new movie The Ides of March with Mr. Clooney! It was filmed pretty close to my town.  I wish I could have accidentally run into him! Can't wait to see this flick as well!


  1. I have to see this movie. He looks so hot in it!!

    Thanks so much for posting today! For some reason your post isn't show up on the list. Do you want to try again? I want to make sure people are able to pop on over to droll over this post hehe :)

  2. Don't stop believing Prince Charming is coming. I met my husband when he walked up to me in a bar in our small town, leaned over and whispered in my ear "You're beautiful." Two weeks later he bought me in a date auction and we started dating.

  3. so attractive! I am a fan (: can't wait to see the movie!

  4. New Follower here! Ryan Gosling has quickly become one of my favorite leading men in hollywood - such a babe.