Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 30th Anniversary

I'm a day late with this post, but if you follow me on Twitter you know yesterday was my parents' 30th wedding anniversary!

They met in college at the grand University of Kentucky Kirwin and Blanding towers. {for those of you who weren't so lucky to attend this fine school...those are the infamous dorms which haven't been updated since they were originally built...therefore, they are ancient, I mean Vintage! And yes, my Sis and I lived in them as well!} Their story isn't anything elaborate. They just met through mutual friends, some women's basketball players for UK and living at the dorms. I think my dad basically bugged the crap out of my mom until she said "Yes" to a date.

And then she said "YES' to the Bling Bling!
{Kinda pathetic I don't know more, and I know I've been told "the story" before}

They didn't want a huge surprise party or any other surprise so my sister and I complied. They went to dinner and I had called erlier in the day to get them a cake made, so I left the cake and cards from my Sis and I for them at their house for when they got home from dinner!

I left the cake in the box as to make sure I didn't destroy it!
The flowers Dad sent to Mom...puurrrrty
In October, they have planned a Hawaiian cruise for their celebration. {Sis and I are a bit jealous! We don't even need to sit with them at dinner and I have 3 weeks vacation available...what's the problem!?}

In all seriousness, my parents deserve time away from us and life at home for a little bit to vacation and relax.

Wedding pictures from August 15, 1981!
Cheryl Lynn Bransetter
William David Marion Jr.

Here's to 30+ more years, mom and dad! You're great role models for Emily and I and we hope to know what 30 years with someone is like too! Love, 


  1. So sweet! What a blessing to have such amazing role models in your life.

  2. Awe! Your mom is so pretty! You look like her.

  3. wow.. your mom is beautiful! She looked so classy and timeless on her wedding day. and I love her simple hair.. Man oh man to be married to someone for 30 years... I can't have a drama free 30 days :-)